Roof crush test system

Oilgear will present the latest evolution of its servo-electric test benches, the improved roof crush test system. Designed to test a wide range of vehicles (maximum test height is 2,480mm), this machine offers best-in-class rigidity (<5mm at maximum force with angular force application). In addition, the deformation is taken into account with smart software compensation, adding to the unsurpassed precision of the machine.

The machine exceeds the requirements of FMVSS216 and allows for out-of-range testing for development purposes. The crushing plate is equipped with attachment points, so users can perform a variety of push or pull tests on vehicles and components, turning the machine into a multi-purpose test stand. The test system’s open user interface allows for the creation of individual testing applications. Furthermore, the possibility of a future add-on of a side crush actuator is already implemented in the frame.

Usability is a key factor: fully motorized positioning, line laser-supported setup and user-friendly software interface all help to keep setup time to a minimum. The electric drive offers minimal maintenance requirements and low noise emissions.

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