New shaker system
Applied Technical Services (ATS)

Founded in 1967, ATS performs a wide range of physical, environmental and chemical testing to support automotive testing needs. The company has upgraded its testing capability with the addition of two high-power shaker/vibration systems from IMV Corporation: the K125LS and K200. These new systems feature impressive specifications, including a 101mm peak-to-peak displacement and force rating of 28,000 lbf on the K125LS and 55,000 lbf, 76mm stroke, 2,722kg load capacity, 1.8m slip table on the K200, making them capable of handling high payloads and high severities.

ATS has also acquired four EMI chambers with one on the way and is starting construction on a large (3 x 5m) drive-in corrosion/temperature/humidity chamber to support the emerging EV market.

By incorporating these large shaker systems and EMI chambers into its testing infrastructure, ATS can now effectively support the testing needs of EV battery cells and modules, which is a crucial requirement in the automotive industry.

With the inclusion of the K125LS and K200 shakers, ATS now boasts a fleet of 11 electrodynamic shakers and one triaxial hydro shaker. This diverse range of equipment allows ATS to provide comprehensive testing services for automotive EV battery cells and modules, interior assemblies, exterior trim, suspension components, brake components and engine components.

The company’s goal is to become a one-stop shop for its clients, offering a comprehensive range of testing solutions to meet automotive industry requirements. Find out more at ATS's booth.

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