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New SiC drives

Unico’s new 2500 series silicon carbide (SiC) drives are ideal for applications such as acting as a universal inverter. The universal inverter is a critical component for testing new EV powertrain applications, where higher switching frequencies up to 75kHz are required for controlling and testing high-speed e-motors. Unico SiC drives will support traction inverter and e-motor development.

The Unico universal inverter with the SiC drive includes automated test routines that can characterize an IPM motor and generate its flux maps – critical to EV e-motor development. Separate maps are generated for d- and q-axis flux and for motoring and absorbing cases. This flux map data alone can be invaluable for motor designers, but the Unico universal inverter can use this data to generate the ideal current vectors for any combination of speed and torque. All of this data can be exported from the universal inverter for additional external analysis if desired. Unico provides additional tools to analyze this data to help validate the motor design.

Unico’s SiC drives produce AC waveforms with much higher fundamental frequencies than modern versions, to control high-speed or high-pole-count motors, increase power density and reduce harmonics.

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