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New high-performance thermographic LWIR camera

Ceres T 640 is the new high-performance thermographic long-wave infrared (LWIR) camera from Xenics. It offers the performance of a scientific camera for industrial application. Thanks to its design optimized for thermography, Ceres T gives customers ultimate stability and reproducibility of absolute temperature measurement with an accuracy of ±2°C or ±2% at 60Hz frame rate with a 640x480 resolution.

Ceres T 640 is a compact VGA LWIR camera dedicated to thermography with high accuracy and stability performance. With this equipment, Xenics is pushing the limits in thermographic capability for very demanding applications in the industrial machine vision and process monitoring markets as well as in medical or R&D applications.

Pieter Deroo, camera development director at Xenics, says, “The challenge at hand was extreme. We did not only want to get the right temperature information, a significant endeavor by itself. We also wanted the camera to be extremely accurate and robust against outside influences. As such, we fundamentally rethought the architecture with thermographic precision as the driving requirement. The camera contains numerous innovations and can easily be called the most simulated camera ever designed by Xenics.”

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