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Miniature DAQ
Diversified Technical Systems (DTS)

DTS introduced the original SLICE data acquisition systems in 2008 with one primary goal: expand the ability to collect acceleration, strain and vibration data in test articles with size or mass constraints. Over the years, the miniature DAQ units have done more than just open novel new ways to improve testing. Today SLICE6 AIR is literally taking testing to new heights.

Built on the original SLICE architecture, the new SLICE6 AIR data acquisition system is designed for critical temperature, pressure, acceleration, strain and vibration measurements, and it supports real-time streaming.

“With SLICE6 AIR we were able to keep the small size and build on the technology with new capabilities like real-time streaming and IEEE 1588, IRIG and GPS synchronization,” says Steve Pruitt, DTS CEO and co-founder. “It just proves that good design does stand the test of time.

“People have embedded SLICE in ATDs, surfboards, power tools and in the tire treads of military tanks. Now we are seeing SLICE6 AIR units specified for flight test applications like hypersonics, UAVs, rotor testing, captive carry and more.”

Over the years the SLICE line has expanded to include NANO, MICRO, IP68, SLICE PRO, SLICE6, the distributed in-dummy DAS solution and the new SLICE6 AIR.

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