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High-temperature accelerometer
Dytran Instruments

Dytran Instruments has introduced an innovative accelerometer that operates continuously at high temperatures up to 200°C thanks to a custom-designed hybrid electronics package. The new 3525A Series includes single-axis, IEPE accelerometers that enable users to measure shock and vibration in automotive applications without the need for external charge amplifiers. This IEPE solution reduces the cost and complexity of a test in comparison with
traditional charge mode monitoring systems.

Typical automotive uses for the 3525A Series include engine and exhaust hot-zone testing as well as shaker and agree chamber testing. The small, low-mass, hermetically sealed housing makes it ideal for use in locations inaccessible to larger and heavier high-temperature accelerometers. The 3525A Series utilizes a quartz crystal element to minimize the unwanted effects of base strain on the accelerometer signal.

The proprietary design allows this sensor to have a longer operational lifespan than standard sensors operating at comparable temperatures. The 3525A Series has been tested at 200°C for 1,500+ continuous hours in a thermal HALT/HASS chamber as part of a successful qualification. It features a stainless-steel housing, an industry-standard 10-32 coaxial connector and 10-32 integral mounting stud. The sensor is robust in extreme environments and built to last.

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