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At Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, Michigan, AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation will introduce upcoming EMC products and solutions such as the S1G6C series, which includes a new Class A, solid-state amplifier models designed for EMC applications and achieves CW minimum rated output power from 1-6GHz. There’s an impressive 100% mismatch tolerance without the aid of foldback circuitry; however, the 750S1G6C’s reflected power may be limited to 350W at a VSWR greater than 6.0:1. It has excellent harmonic performance of -30dBc typical and -20dBc minimum. The air-cooled design with self-contained fans provides a low acoustical noise level.

As the exclusive distributor of Comtest Engineering’s anechoic chambers, RF shielded enclosures and antenna test ranges in North America, AR provides a total solution for automotive testing needs, including component and full-vehicle testing in the same test space, if needed. AR’s engineers will work directly with customers to meet all chamber needs and will size any system to meet power, frequency and equipment requirements.

AR’s test systems make testing easy. The company has complete standard and custom test systems that perform entire RF and EMC testing with just the press of a few buttons. Everything you need – amplifiers, antennas, couplers, signal generators, system controllers, receivers, and more, along with the software to control them – all in one comprehensive system. AR’s predefined systems are designed to meet the minimum requirements of several of today’s common EMC test standards. These systems can be used as-is or tailored and customized to meet specific requirements depending on needs. AR can also design a system from scratch.

AR’s new emcware 6.0 software includes updated automotive standards and adds a multitone testing capability for radiated immunity and conducted immunity, which reduces test time by 50%. emcware provides automated EMC testing and report generation for all types of users, from those performing pre-compliance and compliance testing, to independent OEM test laboratories. The software is designed to be user-friendly yet extremely flexible. It is broken up into modules based on different types of EMC testing and includes predefined standards within each module. The ability to create custom test standards is also provided.

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