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VBox Automotive will present its range of industry-standard, cost-effective testing solutions that deliver accurate speed and position anywhere.

VBox NTRIP Modem allows users to receive RTK correction data via the internet, without having to operate, or be confined to the range of, a base station – delivering centimeter-level accuracy in any application.

For testing in challenging, real-world environments including tunnels or urban canyons, the latest VBox 3iS inertial navigation system combines a multi-constellation RTK receiver with an IMU and wheel speed integration. This enables robust RTK-level accuracy in locations previously unavailable, and accuracy is maintained throughout any prolonged periods of occlusion.

The ability to test indoors is a growing need to recreate autonomous scenarios, such as underground parking, and to control the environment for year-round testing or sensor-specific assessments including sensor flare, fog, mist and water films.

VBox Indoor Positioning System measures real-time, dynamic 3D position, speed and attitude (pitch/roll/yaw), to RTK equivalent centimeter-level accuracy in areas where GNSS is not available – indoor test facilities, for example. Additionally, the test vehicle can seamlessly travel from open-sky outdoor testing to a closed environment with no drop in data during the transition from GNSS to VIPS, or afterward.

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