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Liquid cooling/heating systems for test chillers
Opti Temp

Opti Temp specializes in the design and production of liquid cooling/heating systems for the test chiller market. Manufacturers have discovered that they can greatly improve their processes by enhancing their traditional air-conditioned parts testing with a fluid-based system. In particular, the speed of product transition has improved significantly, and they can stabilize product testing with greater precision. Opti Temp’s test chillers have heating and cooling capabilities, fine fluid adjustment, operation from -30°C to +88°C, and liquid flow rates from 10 l/min up to 120 l/min.

Opti Temp has recently enhanced its liquid test chiller product line by upgrading to an advanced PLC, incorporating a new refrigerant flow control system and expanding the available fluid pumping configurations.

Capitalizing on an existing patent, Opti Temp has added new features that offer excellent energy/power conservation and extend the compressor life. This is especially true for liquid test chillers that cycle from high to low (and vice versa) temperatures using large compressors.

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