Proving ground automation
AB Dynamics

AB Dynamics will be displaying its latest developments, which include the ANVH 250 and Ground Traffic Control System (GTC). The ANVH 250 is a powerful development tool for measuring the transmission of noise, vibration and harshness at frequencies up to 250Hz, optimizing prototype axle systems early on in the design process.

The GTC is a new solution for vehicle testing that monitors, commands and coordinates proving ground testing, including robot-controlled vehicles, ADAS platforms and human-driven vehicles. The system uses one central server, with separate computers for different processes, to manage all vehicles. As part of the system, all vehicles have ‘track-fi’ radios, which use a power mesh to ensure every vehicle can talk directly to another in a true two-way system.

Also on display will be the company’s wide range of automotive test systems including robots, ADAS targets, K&C test machines, driving simulators and the Flex-0 drive-by-wire system. Flex-0 is an alternative to driving robots, offering accurate path-following and use of AB Dynamics’ patented Synchro system, which controls the vehicle via CAN or Ethernet instead of mechanical actuators. A key advantage of using AB Dynamics’ suite of products is that they share a common software interface, meaning they can work together seamlessly.

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