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Next-generation test controller and small payload hydraulic simulation table

During Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, Michigan, Moog will display its next-generation Test Controller and Small Payload Hydraulic Simulation Table (HST), ideally suited for any test laboratory.

The Moog Test Controller is a 1-32-channel real-time modular system that can control or collect data from any hydraulic or electric test system. Annual improvements have included adding features like advanced control algorithms, data analysis and viewing tools, flexible hardware interfaces and a report writer. The hexapod configuration used by Moog Hydraulic Simulation Tables is the optimum design balancing performance and size.

The Small Payload HST is part of a family of systems well suited for component real-time multi-axis vibration tests. The hydraulic actuation and servo valves come from Moog’s extensive industrial product portfolio. Automotive and aerospace testing laboratories worldwide use Moog servo valves for precise motion control. Moog manufactures the hydraulic service, distribution and optional safety manifolds for efficient system integration, along with its own test controller hardware and software.

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