Automation for AV and ADAS testing
Autonomous Solutions Inc

Autonomous Solutions will be telling visitors all about its Swarming technology, which provides an automated solution for vehicle testing. In particular, it is aimed at situations where an autonomous or ADAS-equipped vehicle has to be evaluated when it’s surrounded by other vehicles. These test procedures can be extremely difficult to perform through manned testing. With the Swarming technology, the ‘traffic’ vehicles can execute a wide range of prescribed test plans with a high degree of fidelity and repeatability.

The vehicles being controlled by the Swarming system must be able to be controlled remotely by a third-party system over CAN bus, and have GPS units and radio communication capability installed. The core technology is in the software that controls the swarming vehicles. The expectation is for these swarming vehicles to maneuver around the vehicle under test, based on a predefined plan that is imported and controlled by a test management platform called Mobius, ASI’s advanced unmanned command and control solution.

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