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Protecting vulnerable pedestrians
Humanetics Innovative Solutions

With pedestrian accidents on the rise, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) becoming more widely mandated and fully autonomous vehicles on the horizon, new products and technologies are needed to better evaluate automatic accident prevention systems that could be immensely successful in reducing collisions with pedestrians and cyclists.

The Ultra-Flat Overrunable (UFO) robot platforms have been invaluable in providing the necessary interactions with ADAS-equipped vehicles on the test track. Using these GPS-controlled platforms to mount crashable dummy vehicles that cross paths with real automobiles and provide detectable targets for automatic braking and avoidance systems has proved to be a breakthrough in active safety evaluations.

This is why Humanetics is excited to offer a new product for the active safety market. The UFOnano is a UFO robot platform even smaller than the UFOmini, making it a perfect compact ADAS safety device to run fully autonomous pedestrian and collision mitigation testing.

The very petite, low-profile UFO easily accommodates a pedestrian test dummy with a shoulder width footprint not much larger than that of a real human being. This sleek stature allows multiple dummy pedestrians to ‘swarm’ together shoulder to shoulder and mimic individualized actions that can really put a vehicle’s ADAS systems to the test. Any safety testing should be as realistic as possible and anticipate true-to-life pedestrian behavior that could lead to an accident.

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