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Weathering test chamber
Eye Applied Optix

Eye Lighting’s Applied Optix division will highlight its revolutionary weathering test chamber at the 2021 Automotive Testing Expo in Novi. Metal halide weathering test chambers are used as a substitute for traditional fluorescent and xenon lamp chambers for standards compliance and screening tests, and produce test results in a fraction of the time of traditional tools.

The Eye Super UV produces 1,500W/m² of irradiance in the 300-400nm band. Combined with responsible weathering test design, the high irradiance can dramatically reduce the test time required with fluorescent UV or xenon testers. Users should therefore have a basic understanding of how their test subject material will respond to high UV irradiance when designing tests for the Super UV, and adjust the duration of irradiance cycles accordingly.

Another benefit of the Super UV is that there is no additional heating of the sample material from far visible or near infrared light energy because the spectral power distribution is limited to 450nm.

A continuous irradiance test in a xenon chamber with a 10-year simulation goal may require 22 months to complete. The same test in the Super UV chamber may be completed within four weeks.

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