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Simultaneous accelerometer calibration
MB Dynamics, Inc

Manual accelerometer calibration is so last century. That’s why MB Dynamics has developed an automated accelerometer calibration system. The Win475 Multi-DUT Crash-Cal (MDCC) offers 70% faster calibration than single-DUT methods, enabling simultaneous calibration of up to eight piezoresistive accelerometers of the same model and type over a frequency range of 10Hz to 4000Hz.

The MB Dynamics Win475 MDCC automatically measures and saves relevant accelerometer characteristics, such as ZMO, Z-in and Z-out, as well as input and output impedance values. The system majors on flexibility, allowing the end user to choose from seven individual (six internal, one external) high-precision resistors for shunt calibration. The system also reads onboard sensor electronic identifications, such as 1-Wire Dallas ID memory chips or TEDS piezoelectric accelerometers (per IEEE 1451). The system has the capability to be further integrated into customer-specified databases for additional automation capabilities with reduced calibration data transference errors.

The system automation enabled by the Win475 MDCC mitigates the risks of human errors inherent in manual accelerometer calibration systems, thereby freeing up technicians for other measurement tasks. The increased frequency of accelerometer calibration afforded by the system can improve overall test data quality and reduce measurement uncertainty. The system has proven especially useful within crash test and automotive safety test laboratory environments, where larger numbers of piezoresistive accelerometers are used, therefore requiring more frequent recalibration.

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