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Hard real-time solutions
Concurrent Real-Time

Concurrent Real-Time recently joined VI-grade as part of HBK’s Virtual Test Division. Together, the companies are focusing on providing complete solutions to virtually test products throughout the entire development cycle.

At Automotive Testing Expo, Concurrent Real-Time and VI-grade will showcase their hard real-time solutions. RedHawk Linux is an advanced open-source real-time operating system (RTOS). RedHawk KVM-RT can be used for guaranteed real-time performance in virtual machines with support for multiple real-time and non-real-time guest operating systems.

FPGA Workbench is a powerful new software tool that provides a complete customizable development environment for Concurrent Real-Time’s programmable FPGA cards. Recently awarded a Platinum Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Award, this is the only software tool of its kind created specifically for the real-time marketplace and is well-suited for mission-critical applications.

SIMulation Workbench is a comprehensive framework for developing and executing real-time x-in-the-loop (XIL) simulations.

Finally, see complete, unique and open VI-grade driving simulators – turnkey solutions based on a patented architecture and covering the complete design cycle from concept to sign-off, which can easily interface with commonly used third-party software.

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