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Optimized ADAS/ADS functional safety test management
LHP and Konrad

Konrad Technologies and LHP Engineering Solutions are collaborating to deliver their new A³DAS solution, a workflow management system with test capability for ADAS and ADS functional safety standards.

Konrad Technologies provides test automation tools for radar, camera, lidar and ADAS overall. LHP provides state-of-the-art functional safety workflows and tools. Together, the companies enable accelerated testing of ADAS systems in a functional safety environment that meets the latest safety standards and certification, keeping the public safe and protecting companies from liability. The future of automotive is fully autonomous.

Pairing LHP’s functional safety experience with Konrad Technologies’ expertise in ADAS testing with a traceable workflow management process connected to an open test platform, creates an effective joint design and test effort for the ADAS/ADS development process with traceability for functional safety standard requirements. The open test platforms enable connectivity to multiple third-party test tools for customized test plans according to any ADAS functional safety standard.

The unique solution provided by the partnership between Konrad and LHP offers considerable cost savings, faster time-to-market and standardization of the process for complying with functional safety regulations and requirements.

LHP (Booth 13002) and Konrad (Booth 14006)

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