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New drive-by-wire platform

Dataspeed is excited to highlight the Polaris RZR as one of the latest additions to its drive-by-wire platforms.

The Polaris RZR has a robust design for tough environments, and responsive controls for aggressive agility. The Dataspeed Drive-by-Wire Kit is a complete hardware and software system that allows seamless electronic control of a vehicle’s brake, throttle, steering and shifting to enable testing for autonomous vehicle applications. This combination of the RZR vehicle and the Dataspeed Drive-by-Wire Kit provides a durable and reliable research and development platform engineered to withstand challenging environments and rough terrain.

The Dataspeed Polaris RZR platform enables R&D companies, engineering teams, military and/or universities to get their algorithm, sensor and data research activities up and running quickly. Remote capability demonstrates teleoperation capabilities to control the vehicle up to 2km line of sight range using the remote control. Complete with a customized sensor rack and IP55-rated E-Box to protect and store electronics, this platform is designed for high performance. It’s ideal for rugged applications including military unmanned ground vehicles, terrain surveying, inclement weather testing, autonomous construction, mining and hazardous work conditions.

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