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Next-generation NVH testing systems
Advanced Telemetrics International

Advanced Telemetrics International has released a new generation of NVH testing systems that provide superior fidelity with conventional torque and vibration sensing techniques. They have become favorites for end-of-line NVH testing. The Dual Range Dynamic Torque sensing systems provide resolution down to 0.0005% for dynamic torque measurements. The company’s rotary Torsional Acceleration Monitoring systems can be ranged for almost any level and have excellent signal quality. Both systems are ideal for quantifying gear noise and gear mesh torsional data.

Advanced Telemetrics International is releasing the next-generation telemetry systems that will offer up to four channels per transmitter increasing the rotary channel density. This telemetry has increased analog bandwidth with a dynamic adjustment for the A/D sample rate. Once the analog bandwidth is selected in the menu, the system will adjust the A/D sample rate for a value that is at least four times the analog bandwidth, resulting in high-quality data.

The latest release provides up to eight channels per receiver, and the receivers can be integrated to provide increased channel density and multiple measurands.

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