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GNSS and positioning

Three positioning products will feature at Racelogic’s booth this year. The VBOX Indoor Positioning System is a centimeter-level, high dynamic solution for accurately measuring the position and speed of an object in places where GPS is not available. Offering seamless switching between indoors and outdoors, the system also has an inertial measurement unit for precise attitude (pitch, roll and yaw) information. With a 100Hz update rate and speed accuracy to within ±0.15km/h, the VBOX Indoor Positioning System allows testing to continue, whatever the environment.

Another product that will be on display is the new VBOX 3iS – a compact GNSS, inertial and wheel speed sensor that offers excellent precision and accuracy, even in obscured areas. Designed to be used with an existing control system or datalogger, the 3iS can fill GNSS gaps for prolonged periods of time and provides highly accurate acceleration, speed, position and attitude data. Featuring a 100Hz RTK GNSS receiver, it can also work as a cost-effective system for testing AV and ADAS technology.

The third new product on display will be the VBOX Touch datalogger. It features a large color touchscreen, a 10Hz GNSS receiver, two CANbus interfaces, and the ability to run multiple applications on the same hardware. Applications are written in Python script, enabling users to create their own applications to solve specific testing needs.

Booth: 16018

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