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High-speed cameras
Photron USA

Two high-speed cameras that are ideal for capturing crash testing and component safety testing will feature on Photron’s booth. The Fastcam Mini CX is a compact and durable package that captures 1080p video at 1000fps and boasts a light sensitivity of ISO 5,000 color and ISO 10,000 monochrome. Operationally tested at 150g, it is not fazed by crash tests.

The MH6 system connects up to six miniature camera heads to a single control unit using extremely thin and flexible connecting cables. Both the camera heads and the control unit are extremely rugged and have been operationally tested to 160g. The cameras feature a lot of the same specifications as the Fastcam Mini but can shoot in monochrome up to ISO 12,500. The camera heads are compatible with readily available 1in C-mount ruggedized lenses.

Booth: 10040

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