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Next-generation radar test systems for evolving automotive radar sensors
Konrad Technologies

As automotive radar technologies evolve toward higher resolution and imaging radar capabilities, Konrad Technologies (KT) announces the extension of its radar test options with the MVRTS and CATR RTS platforms.

The KT Multi-Angle/Object Vehicle Radar Test System (MVRTS) features full two-dimensional field of view (FOV) test capability with multiple independent objects for scenario-based and RF measurement-based tests. The independent movement of up to four objects in the azimuth and elevation directions in the FOV enables a new level of test capability for NCAP and SOTIF scenarios and high-resolution sensors.

The KT MVG Compact Antenna Test Range Radar Test System (CATR RTS) is a joint solution from Microwave Vision Group (MVG) and KT built on the NI radar test platform. It is a fully integrated test solution for wide-aperture, high-definition radars with a setup distance of about 1m. This dramatically reduces the space required on the production floor and, ultimately, the overall cost of tests for radar sensors with long far-field distances.

For ADAS functional tests, the KT radar test platform can be connected to real-time platforms for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) tests to implement sensor fusion HIL tests with multiple combinations of sensors and datalogging record/replay options.

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