High-speed tire pressure testing system

Tekscan will be exhibiting its new high-speed TireScan – a lightweight but rugged system that enables tire manufacturers and testing facilities to accurately, repeatably and efficiently measure dynamic contact patch pressure (DCPP) information from a tire running on a belt at speeds up to 265km/h.

For years, the only way to get this type of data involved testing at either very low speeds or on a drum test machine – approaches that are not representative of real-world conditions. Following a multi-year development effort between Tekscan and the R&D team at Calspan, tire industry engineers can now have insight into the impact of speed, load, slip and inertial forces on tire performance on a belt/flat-track.

The high-speed TireScan empowers users to capture and store DCPP information for comprehensive analysis and advanced tire design. Users will be able to characterize contact patch behavior at high speeds and high slips, illustrate tire wear, improve contact patch representation in model formulas, evaluate rolling resistance, validate and improve existing finite element analysis (FEA) models, and optimize tire selection for vehicle design.

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