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EHAD test bench
Seoul Industry Engineering

Seoul Industry Engineering Co Ltd (SIE) offers custom-made heat- and fluid-related R&D and quality-assurance test benches based on state-of-the-art R&D technology.

The company supplies heat pump system test benches and calorimeter systems for eco-friendly component testing to customers in South Korea, the USA, China, India and Germany. It is introducing linearity and EHAD (evaporator, heater, airflow distribution) test benches that can test air temperature controllability and airflow distribution in the car, and heating performance and linearity of damper actuators for a car’s HVAC system.

This bench accurately provides temperature- and pressure-controlled air and coolant to car HVAC modules. An independent power supply system for damper actuator, motor and PTC heater is included.

The test bench can simulate temperature from -30°C to+50°C, relative humidity from 20% to 90% and airflow rate from 50m3/h to 850m3/h. Crucially, it can provide high-humidity test conditions at low temperatures.

As a National Instruments Alliance member, SIE provides compact data acquisition systems with a user-friendly LabView-based UI for easy operation.

All test processes can be carried out automatically via operator settings, ensuring repeatable and reliable testing. This test bench reduces testing hours and maximizes efficiency.

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