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Intelligence at the edge

Elektrobit brings its data management solution to the next level with Dell’s scalable storage solution for on-premises and public cloud workloads for the automotive industry. This solution allows you to filter data at the edge, before and during ingestion, which enables the visibility necessary for today’s data pipelines. Using EB Assist Test Lab and Dell EMC PowerScale, immediate efficiencies are recognized by data consumers, resulting in time and storage cost savings.

In addition to a robust production-grade data orchestration system, this solution introduces options and flexibility that users can easily leverage to improve workflows. EB Assist Test Lab’s rich metadata indexing and data aggregation process create a centralized database where data can be discovered by users all over the world. This reduces the amount of time spent by engineers, data scientists and algorithm developers to discover data, leaving more time to focus on development. EB Assist Test Lab offers unique tools for data collaboration and socialization, which further improves a team’s ability to find or commission data and accelerate their projects.

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