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Flow meters to measure engine blow-by and air intake
J-Tec Associates

J-Tec Associates Inc is returning to Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, Michigan to display flow meters to measure engine blow-by and air intake for automotive internal combustion engines, both gasoline and diesel. These flow meters use patented vortex shedding technology, a design that is perfect for rugged applications such as engine dynamometer testing. These products are tough and trouble-free, with no moving parts to wear out.

Measuring blow-by flow with the VF563 is an efficient way to monitor piston-ring sealing without any adverse effect on engine performance during the test. Rugged design and minimal pressure drop make J-Tec Associates’ model VF563 in-line flow meters the product of choice for measurement of crankcase blow-by gases and engine air intake. Benefits include minimal effect on engine performance during blow-by measurement, low pressure drop, drift-free performance, excellence at low flows (down to 0.14 ACFM), easy maintenance, 40:1 turndown ratio, continuous flow readings, high accuracy and excellent repeatability.

J-Tec Associates manufactures eight sizes of meters, which measure a range of flows from 0.14-600 actual cubic feet per minute. It also manufactures display accessories and sells filtration canisters to complement the VF563 product line. J-Tec Associates manufactures in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and ships products worldwide.

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