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Fast EV motor testing system

Ohtama has launched its e-MotorChamber, an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) assessment system that accelerates the development of high-voltage EV motors. Customers have already begun testing at the demonstration anechoic chamber at e-Ohtama (an EMC testing laboratory and Ohtama’s group company), giving the lab positive feedback on the system’s movement, ease of use and measurement software.

The e-MotorChamber has a long shaft for high-speed rotation. A dynamometer and test motor are connected with just a single long shaft, enabling high-speed rotation of 20,000rpm or more and high torque to be transmitted directly. It covers a wide range of specifications for EMC assessments of EV motors. Available standards include CISPR 25, ISO 11452-2, ISO 11452-4, GB/T 36282 and automobile manufacturer standards.

The system can be customized to meet a customer’s specific requirements. Ohtama also offers modifications to existing anechoic chambers. The maximum specs when customizing are as follows: the dynamometer achieves 25,000rpm for rotation (negotiable), torque for 800Nm, 400kW for capacity, while the battery simulator goes up to 1,250DC for voltage, 1,000A for current and 500kW for capacity.

EMC testing can be carried out in the demonstration anechoic chamber at Ohtama’s Fujimatsu Laboratory.

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