Lidar sensor testing
Keysight Technologies

Keysight’s new compact lidar target simulator (LTS) transforms lidar sensor testing in the automotive industry. A key sensor for autonomous driving, lidar is now more accessible thanks to advancements made in solid-state lidar sensors. However, traditional testing methods using physical target boards pose challenges and require large floor space and time-consuming manual tests. This is where simulation comes in. The compact and efficient E8717A LTS from Keysight replaces physical targets with a simulation setup consisting of a base unit, collaborative robot and remote optical head. With this setup, automotive engineers can easily adjust target distances and simulate a wide range of reflectivity, enabling comprehensive performance evaluation.

The LTS eliminates the need to maintain multiple physical target boards and enables short-, mid- and long-range lidar testing in small spaces. It also facilitates controlled and repeatable testing in the design verification and manufacturing stages, ensuring sensors meet specifications and reducing the risk of faulty sensors reaching the market. See the system for yourself at Keysight's booth.

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