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New volumetric flow detectors
Fox River Systems and Ono Sokki

There’s a growing shift in the evaluation of engine performance and emission mode testing, from steady-state methods toward transient ones. Evaluation of fuel consumption characteristics in transient durations, as well as measurement of total fuel consumption for each emission mode, calls for accurate measurement of the rate of fuel flow with high resolution. The new Ono Sokki FP-5000 series volumetric flow detectors are designed to meet the challenges of transient testing with accurate measurements of fuel flow rate and changes in the flow rate with high pulse resolution as low as 0.0005mL/pulse – up to 20 times better than Ono Sokki’s previous detector. The FP-5000 series is designed for use with gasoline, light oil, kerosene, biofuel and general petroleum-based hydraulic oil. Additionally, the detectors can be used without modification to measure alcohol mixed fuels.

The FP-5000 series offers a wide lineup of detectors to address slow (0.05 to 60 l/h using FP-5130 series), medium (0.3 to 300 l/h using FP-5140 series) or fast (1 to 1,440 l/h using FP-5150 series) flow rates. Each of the detectors offers precision and accuracy levels required to calculate the amount of energy from an engine. Detailed analysis of combustion efficiency and energy flow is also available.

The FP-5000 series volumetric flow detectors, along with filter and optional temperature/pressure sensor unit and fuel density meter, can be connected to create a lightweight, compact fuel flow measurement system for use on board vehicles or on-bench.

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