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Ultra-low-profile, overrunable robotic platform
SEA Limited

STRIDE (Small Test Robot for Individuals in Dangerous Environments) is a new, ultra-low-profile, overrunable robotic platform developed by SEA Ltd. Designed to carry vulnerable road user (VRU) soft targets such as pedestrians and bicyclists, STRIDE is highly maneuverable, boasting a zero turning radius and up to 5m/s2 acceleration and braking. An overrun height of less than 50mm minimizes the impact on test vehicles in the event of a collision.

Weighing only 25kg, the robot can be lifted by one person; however, a high-torque drive system allows the platform to carry payloads up to 50kg. Long battery life and a toolless, quick-change battery system paired with an onboard UPS ensure essentially zero testing downtime.

Open-source software based on ROS allows the end user to execute a variety of scenarios out of the box or create their own custom behaviors with simple Python scripts. A simple, intuitive GUI and wireless connectivity allow the robot to be controlled and configured from any device with a web browser, including a smartphone. Multiple users may monitor the test during execution, each using their own smartphone, tablet or PC, and any user may issue a safety stop command. Priced at only a fraction of the competition, STRIDE is ideal for customers wishing to evaluate vehicle performance in scenarios including multiple mobile VRUs.

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