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Highly automated robotic platform for ADAS testing

4activeSystems, a specialist in advanced testing technologies for active vehicle safety, provides solutions to reduce road fatalities and ensure safety and compliance with the highest international standards around the globe.

The company’s latest product innovation is its highly automated robotic platform 4activeFB-eco for future ADAS and autonomous driving (AD) testing. It is said to be the flattest robotic carrier for VRUs like pedestrians or bicyclists, with the lowest radar cross-section of all existing carriers today. It is designed according to Euro NCAP VRU and related ISO standards.

Open standards (OpenDrive, OpenScenario, etc) are used as input to create scenarios from external resources like simulation tools, real road testing, software/hardware-in-the-loop tests or existing databases from, for example, accidentology and standards regulation.

An Open Control Center according to the upcoming ISO-WD-22133-1 is applied to control and monitor all devices and infrastructure at the proving ground. All tools communicate via a dedicated wi-fi mesh system, so complete coverage of every existing test track is guaranteed. Automated reporting tools significantly reduce the time for post-processing test data.

4activeSystems’ wide range of established and certified dummy objects (cars, pedestrians, motorcyclists, etc) and infrastructure (light systems, obstruction walls, etc), as well as future and customized targets (animals, roadside furniture, etc), complete the technology platform. This novel closed toolchain enables seamless testing and completely covers increased demands for future AD testing on proving grounds.

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