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Specialist servohydraulic mechanical simulation and test systems
Servotest Testing Systems

Servotest is a UK-based supplier of specialist servohydraulic mechanical simulation and test systems.

Using low-friction hydrostatic bearing actuators, optimized for dynamic performance with high side-load tolerance and long service life, Servotest delivers innovative, cost-effective systems tailored to customers’ needs. Pulsar controls combine robust distributed architecture with fiber-optic digital communication. EZFlow test sequencing and customized displays support expert or novice users alike.

Servotest has developed a unique battery test shaker table to meet new testing challenges in the automotive industry. The octopod design delivers benefits in stability and control over hexapod designs and achieves greater fidelity at higher frequencies. The table has dimensions of 2.4 x 1.6m with a maximum payload of 1,000kg. It can operate up to 200Hz.

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