Stainless-steel weight bag
Lowing Products

Lowing Products will be at Automotive Testing Expo exhibiting its exact weight bags, which are well suited for use in industrial weight testing, calibration, counterbalance applications, aeronautics, aircraft and automotive engineering.

Cordura classic fabric provides rugged, durable performance featuring enhanced tear and abrasion resistance and long-lasting durability. The 1,000 x 1,000 denier nylon tests to a tensile strength of 536 lb warp and 437 lb fill. Its tear strength is 73 lb warp and 66 lb fill. *tensile strength is usually measured in lb/in2 or psi. Change?* It is water-resistant and much more abrasion-resistant than textured nylon.

Lowing Products was the first to use stainless steel to fill the shot bags commonly used in the motion picture industry. This innovation opened a world of opportunity for the company to provide a more usable bag to industries that require a precisely manufactured and long-lasting ballast bag.

Lowing's exclusive loading process eliminates the need for a bulky plastic liner. All of its shot bags are built to within 0.1oz. In addition, the team frequently constructs custom bags for its customers to use in clean

rooms, wind tunnels and anywhere that equipment needs to be held in place. The company's design, fabrics, manufacturing process and choice of stainless filling enables it to deliver exact weights for customers that use the shot bags as ballast and calibration tools.

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