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Temperature control systems
Huber USA

The Unimotive range is specially designed for automotive applications. The temperature control systems are constructed for operation with water-ethylene glycol mixture with corrosion protection (for example, Glysantin) down to -45°C. Typical applications include temperature simulations as well as material testing and temperature-dependent stress and load tests for automotive parts and functional components. The optionally available Flow Control Cube enables precise flow rate measurement and control.

Unimotive units are ideally suited for integration into test benches, where they ensure reproducible temperatures – for quality control and battery testing, for example – and enable temperature control of climate and vacuum chambers and calibration tasks.

Unimotive models feature unique thermodynamics for highly accurate results. The proven Unistat technology also allows very short heating and cooling times and excellent temperature control accuracy. All Unimotive models are operated via a 5.7in color touchscreen display with convenient menu navigation.

The Flow Control Cubes are used to measure and control the flow and pressure of the thermal fluid. They can be used with Huber temperature control units with Pilot ONE technology. The flow measurement is carried out with magnetically inductive flow meters (MID models) for electrically conductive liquids such as water-glycol mixtures or via turbine flow meters (TURB models). The TURB flow meters can be calibrated for various liquids, such as silicone oils or water-glycol mixtures.

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