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Signal optimization with post-processing software
GeneSys Elektronik

The engineering company GeneSys Elektronik specializes in the development and manufacture of high-precision sensor systems. These are mainly used in the automotive sector for vehicle dynamics and advanced driver assistance measurements. With ADMA, the firm’s GNSS-based inertial system, all motion states such as acceleration, velocity, position, angular rates, orientation and sideslip angle of the vehicle can be acquired with high precision under motion.

The ADMA-PP post-processing software merges ADMA inertial data, GNSS data and external additional information offline. Using this method, calculations can be made that are not possible in real-time operation. Post-processing ensures data integrity and considerably increases accuracy. A further advantage: RTK correction data can be applied without interruptions. With the help of the functional enhancement Moving Base, a 1cm (1 σ) relative distance calculation between several vehicles is possible without RTK.

For the acquisition and evaluation of synchronous ADMA measurement data, customers can rely on numerous software solutions such as decoders, drivers and program libraries.

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