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In-house product development services

Roush is uniquely positioned to support product development needs with its breadth of in-house services, like NVH testing and solution development, CAE analysis and durability testing. One of the company’s newest facilities is a full-vehicle durability simulator that allows customers to significantly shorten product durability cycles and time-to-market.

Roush’s Advanced Durability Lab works closely with the most innovative mobility manufacturers to ensure their products can withstand the grueling demands of the most congested dynamic urban areas and the roughest roads.

From the beginning of the design process, Roush helps collect operational loads through transducer design and data acquisition. From there, the company can design tests to make sure each component and system can meet the demands of those loads. Finally, the entire system can be mounted to the 6DOF Spindle Coupled Road Simulator to effectively expose the vehicle to road and proving ground events. This method can reduce development time by detecting problem areas early and simulating a complete life in just a matter of weeks, significantly accelerating the product development timeline.

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