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Double-duty thermal shock chambers
Russells Technical Products

Russells Technical Products is pleased to highlight its innovative approach to thermal shock testing with its double-duty thermal shock chambers. Thermal shock testing reduces the risk of premature product failure by replicating environments between two or more temperature extremes. This type of testing is typically cyclic, with its duration defined by a set number of cycle transitions between temperature set points.

Russells’ double-duty thermal shock systems can test temperatures between -70°C and +180°C (or more) in cyclic profiles, with transfer times achievable in under 15 seconds. Additionally, the chambers can achieve common testing standards including DEF-STAN-00-35, IEC 60068, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-202, MIL-STD-883 and SAE J2657.

Manufacturers can thermally shock and stress their products to detect and accelerate potential flaws or defects before those products reach their customers. This is crucial for electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical components from any automotive OEM or end user. Demands for higher product precision have increased the automotive industry’s efforts to manufacture stronger and more durable components; exposing these pieces to extreme temperature changes can offer quality data to inform critical developmental decisions. Thermal shock testing is therefore crucial for development engineers to define and design for product robustness and longevity. Russells’ engineers will work with your testing team to develop a thermal shock system that can achieve any standard or custom test profile.

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