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New high-voltage electrical measurement system
Knick Interface

Knick is pleased to introduce the newest member of its high-voltage electrical measurement family, the P42000D2.

With a width of 45mm, P42000D2 sets a new benchmark for transducers with measurement and isolation to 2,200V DC. With its impressive list of specifications for accuracy, speed and safety, P42000D2 is an excellent choice for applications in electric automotive testing.

As demands tied to vehicle power and charging speed continue to rise, requirements to test components at higher voltages will present themselves. With P42000D2, manufacturers and testing personnel can find a standard solution that will meet these application challenges.

Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing is one example where P42000D2 has shown value. With HIL, it is common to see high-voltage components at the input and output sides of a testing setup. Knick transducers contain high isolation for all ports (I/O/auxiliary power), so protection is established independent of where high-voltage components are found in the testing architecture.

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