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Cutting-edge infrared cameras
Teledyne FLIR

Teledyne FLIR enables the automotive industry to improve safety and electrification by providing thermal imaging products and solutions that meet the demanding needs of vehicle development, testing and production. With cutting-edge infrared systems like the Teledyne FLIR X-series of cameras, researchers and engineers can more quickly understand the thermal interactions of complex systems while obtaining defensible temperature data to support critical decisions.

The X-series camera line is specifically designed for deployment in the most challenging measurement applications. In high-speed testing scenarios like airbag deployment studies, crash testing and seatbelt pre-tensioner experiments, where every frame of data is important, the X-series cameras provide the frame rates and advanced features that deliver confidence in the thermal measurement data being obtained. Furthermore, the high-definition options in the X-series cameras support the unique requirement to accelerate innovation in automotive electrification, from next-generation EV battery developments to inventive power electronics design and efficiency testing.

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