Day 2: Sakor Technologies launches new test automation controller
Sakor Technologies

Sakor Technologies is showcasing its newest-generation test automation controller, DynoLab GenV, at the show. The cutting-edge software platform enables even a non-programmer to implement complex test systems and testing standards. Modularity, robustness and expandability are said to be cornerstones of the product.

Bob McFarland, the company’s director of business development, is on hand at the show. He said, “The software is much more advanced, involving functionalities and bringing new performance that is now achievable due to software technology advances. For example, it is faster – by orders of magnitude.

DynoLab GenV is built on the latest Windows technologies and development tools in compliance with current IT standards. It can perform a variety of road load profiles and simulations and is designed for testing to all international standards, including existing and proposed EPA, CARB and Euro standards.

McFarland added, “It has true multitasking capability as it utilizes all available cores in a processor, which we believe is an industry-leading feature. As another example of DynoLab GenV’s capabilities, it is units-aware, which means that when defining an equation, it makes sure the units are consistent and make sense mathematically.”

At last year’s expo, the latest version of the software was in development. Sakor has since been rolling out the technology and is using the show as an opportunity to present the solution to the market.

For more information, head to Booth 9020.

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