NVH observation
Vibration Research

The new ObserVR1000 Dynamic Signal Analyzer from Vibration Research captures, displays and analyzes field data. It can be easily controlled by the VR Mobile smartphone app or the ObserVIEW software running on a tablet or PC. Handling up to 16 channels of transducer input at high sampling rates, the ObserVR1000 also supports microphone, GPS and tachometer options. For the most complete reports, it also includes functionality to synchronize recorded data with video files.

The ObserVR1000 is a compact, portable device, designed to simplify field recording of vibration data, then efficiently package that data for analysis. Capable of autonomous operation, it is easily configured using the auto-TEDS feature that detects sensors automatically, helping to eliminate setup errors and reduce setup time.

Engineers can instrument up to 16 sensors throughout a vehicle cabin to measure multiple sources of noise, squeak and rattle. Furthermore, each channel is sampled simultaneously at up to 128kHz.

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