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Tony Gioutsos

Mr Gioutsos has been involved with automotive safety systems since 1990. His cutting-edge work led him to start the first Automotive Algorithm company in 1992. After receiving his BSEE/MSEE (specializing in communications and signal processing) from the University of Michigan, he has worked with sensors and associated algorithms throughout his career. He is currently director portfolio development for autonomous Americas” for Siemens PLM where he has continued to define active safety algorithm testing requirements and various other state-of-the-art approaches to enhance automated vehicle robustness. He has been awarded over 20 patents and presented over 150 papers.


Key features in radar simulation for ADAS/AV

Simulation of the radar sensor is absolutely essential to reach the goals desired for ADAS and especially levels 4-5 for AV. Some aspects of this required simulation are discussed in this paper, in addition to how to implement these aspects into a simulation correctly. Discussion points for radar simulation include world material property measurement including angle of incidence; advanced ray tracing; micro Doppler, ghost targets and Doppler ambiguity; and radar placement effects (bumper, grill, etc). Finally, a discussion of cutting-edge hardware-in-the-loop for radar is also presented.