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Dharshan Medonza

Dharshan has worked at A&D Technology for the past 16 years. He is currently a product manager for hardware-in-the-loop and simulation systems at A&D. He has held application engineering, software engineering and product manager roles during his time at A&D. Dharshan has many years of experience in commissioning and engineering HIL systems at A&D.


Multinode hardware-in-the-loop system with hybrid vehicle simulation for battery testing

This paper describes a system that not only simulates a battery to the BMS, but also provides simulations of an electric motor, electric motor control unit and vehicle dynamics. Thus, the system will provide a full hybrid vehicle simulation to the BMS under test. This is done via a multinode high-performance HIL system with separate nodes for each of the components described above. These nodes work as one system by communicating with each other via a high-speed interface. The node simulating the battery contains a battery model and a vehicle dynamics simulation model.