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Takahiro Hara

Takahiro has worked for Kyowa Electronics Instruments as a sales engineer for around 10 years. He now works with Kyowa Americas, based in Michigan, Novi. Kyowa is test equipment manufacturer with strain gage, force transducer and data acquisition system as core components. In the last 10 years, Takahiro has worked in on-site demonstration and technical support in several automotive R&D facilities in Europe and the United States. Specifically, he has a strong background and experience in strain measurement on printed circuit boards and wireless strain measurement on spinning shaft applications.


Torque strain measurement on driveshaft with wireless telemetry solution

The driveshaft is a core component of the automotive drivetrain system, transmitting torque force to the wheels in order to move the vehicle. Durability testing of the driveshaft with true torque monitoring is one of the test requirements involved in driveshaft design. Due to high-speed rotation, ‘wireless’ measurement technology is always a key requirement for this test application. This presentation will discuss the effectiveness of the Kyowa MRS-100 telemetry system, which has been designed specifically for this test application with a transmitter boasting extremely light weight (10g), compact dimension and high durability for centrifugal acceleration input (maximum 3000G).