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Javier Salado

Javier is technical product manager at Anyverse. He has over 30 years of experience in software development and systems integration, highlighting his time at HP and more recently at Samsung Research, where he applied his experience in deep learning-related projects. He is Anyverse's product technical expert and point of contact for applications such as sensor simulation or deep learning training using advanced hyperspectral synthetic data.


Synthetic data for AV perception systems: the unlimited data promise

For many years now the industry has been hungry for data to feed the different perception systems required for autonomous vehicles and advance driving assistance systems. Many foresee that synthetically generated data is the technology that can stop the hunger. Can synthetic data technology fulfill the promise? Is synthetic data a viable option to develop AV perception systems today? Can we solve the domain gap problem? We will explore the viability of synthetic data for different use cases, the use of scalable data generation tools in the cloud and cutting-edge technology to fill the domain gap.