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Advanced driver assistance systems testing
ATP Automotive Testing Papenburg GmbH - Stand: 1108

ATP and AKKA technologies have cooperated to offer a unique opportunity to test ADAS technology for passenger and commercial vehicles at ATP’s proving ground. Manufacturer independent and highly modern, it allows ADAS protection testing according to the recognized testing procedures devised by Euro NCAP 2018/2019.

The vehicle dynamics area comprises a 300m-diameter skid pad, an adjacent trapezoid area and tangential accesses. One of these accesses holds the test track for lane keep systems. Various settings can be tested, from pedestrian, child or cyclist detection, up to complex intersection scenarios.

To carry out adaptive cruise control scenarios, there is the high-speed oval. It is 12.3km long, with banked curves up to 49.7° and side force from 0 up to 250km/h. There are five 4.0km straight lanes, with special surfaces integrated in two of them: American Freeway, German concrete and asphalt motorway, a long-wave, equal-sided excitation section and a long-wave, two-way excitation section.

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