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Simplified data capture in the field
Vibration Research Corp - Stand: 8238

Visitors to Automotive Testing Expo looking for the new generation of technology for field data acquisition and analysis should visit Vibration Research’s booth, where it will be showing the ObserVR1000. Designed for mobile use, it is compact and battery powered, with an integrated SD card for data storage. Test configurations are set up using a smartphone or tablet via a wireless connection. After setup, users can choose to monitor and control tests wirelessly or just let them run autonomously.

Testing and reporting efficiency is supported by features such as a microphone for adding voice notes to a test record and a GPS interface for adding location information. The ObserVR1000 is ideal for NVH applications, as engineers can deploy up to 16 sensors throughout a vehicle’s cabin to measure sources of noise, squeaks and rattles. The device is capable of sampling each channel simultaneously at up to 128kHz to ensure every detail is captured.

The ObserVR1000 does not require special boards, PC drivers, or even a PC. Once the equipment is set up, data collection can be started by simply pressing the record button. It is also equipped with a TEDS interface, wi-fi connection, GPS, tachometer inputs and a battery life exceeding 6 hours.

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