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Tunable mobile network
Millbrook Proving Ground Ltd - Stand: 8140

As one of Europe’s most established proving grounds, Millbrook is not standing still. It is rapidly developing its capabilities to meet the most demanding requirements of the global automotive industry in areas including battery testing, complex powertrain integration, 5G connectivity and vehicle automation.

Millbrook has added major new facilities for testing automotive battery modules and packs for durability, ageing and lifecycle. Bridging the gap between component testing and full vehicle testing, it has added the capability to test systems at a powertrain level, while simulating vehicle dynamics and components such as batteries.

For connected and autonomous vehicle development, Millbrook now offers a private, tuneable mobile network and real-time connectivity with speeds of up to 1Gbps. The network was launched in February this year as part of the AutoAir project, hosted at Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK. The site also offers open-source reference vehicles, ADAS soft targets, a digital model of its test tracks with 1mm surface accuracy, and a simulator suite, making it a world-class facility for testing and validating the vehicles of tomorrow.

Booth: 8140

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