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Jed Judd

Jed Judd is a Product Manager for ASI Automotive. He has worked in the EHS, LMS, CMS, Logistics, Private, Public, Government, and Military spaces. He has built enterprise solutions, formed teams, and developed sustainable systems for growth in both products and sales from the ground up. Now at ASI Automotive he is a passionate missionary for safety, efficiency, and repeatable testing results using robotic test drivers for ADAS/AV, Durability, Misuse, and Impact groups.


Using robot drivers in real vehicles for ADAS swarm testing

Based on studies, such as those done by NHTSA, OEMs are finding that using simulation to test, validate, and verify ADA/AV systems simply isn't enough. Alongside a world-leading OEM, ASI has developed autonomous systems capable of choreographed testing of ADA/AV systems, we call this technology 'swarming'. Driven by robotic test drivers, these autonomous vehicles are capable of tighter, more accurate positioning than manned vehicles can safely perform. ASI's swarming product also provides a solution that allows customers to import simulation scenarios into Mobius, ASI's command center software, and let ASI robots perform these scenarios on physical vehicles.