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Abrahan Marquez

Abrahan joined Applus+ Laboratories nearly a year ago to support the company growing investments in battery and high-voltage systems testing at our UK Laboratory (Applus+ 3C Test) next to the Silverstone Circuit. He is happy to be part of the ongoing growth of our environmental lab, and to be able to contribute to its technical strategy, investments, testing and safety procedures, and staff training. He is an industrial engineer with a wide background in vehicle electronics including high-voltage systems, powertrains, and battery development for EV/PHEV. His previous experience working for OEMs in the automotive industry, has set solid foundations to support the development of the new labs.


Testing capabilities for electric drive units, battery packs and HV systems

This talk details the different capabilities and test setup available through Applus+ Laboratories for the testing of the key components in electric vehicles: the electric drive unit, the battery pack and other related HV systems, such as the battery management system or the Inverter. It will highlight key standards, tests, and test conditions for each of these components. For example, how our EV motor dyno can be used to provide accurate data on EDU EMC tests, improving system to vehicle-level correlation. Or the benefits of using our single 200 kN shaker combined with an 11 m3 climatic chamber to test battery packs.